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Rainbow Families Council – Federal Election Statement

The Rainbow Families Council have issued their Federal Election Statement.  There are still many areas of the law that discriminate against our relationships and our children.  Make time to see you local member/candidate or at least write them a letter.  The points in this statement are very helpful in raising the matters that affect us all.

In April 2010, a national network of advocates, community members, researchers and service providers identified the following three priorities for reform and resources at a federal level:

• Marriage equality

• Removal of discrimination in adoption law, and

• Ensuring that federally-funded services are inclusive of children with same-sex parents and their families.

Rainbow Families Council is the Victorian community organisation representing same-sex parented children and their families. We urge all parties and independents running in the federal election to consider these issues.

Read the full Statement Here.


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Towleroad – “250 Million Now Living in Places that Recognise Gay Marriage”

Towleroad is reporting some figures by Nate Silver on places that recognise gay marriage.  Unfortunately Australia (Big Fail) isn’t featured.


“The big spike you see in 2008 is California recognizing gay marriage through the courts, and then un-recognizing it through the passage of Proposition 8. Right now, it’s possible to marry your same-sex partner in Buenos Aires, in Mexico City, in Ames, Iowa, and in Pretoria, South Africa, but not in San Francisco. With countries like Argentina and Portugal now recognizing same-sex marriages, however, the global trajectory has returned to its slow-but-steady upward pace.”

[Source: Original Article]

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Brisbane Times – “Argentina legalizes gay marriage in LatAm first”

Argentina on Thursday became the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, following a landmark Senate vote carried live on national television.

The law, backed by the center-left government of President Cristina Kirchner, was adopted in a 33-27 vote after 15 hours of debate. In this majority Roman Catholic country, some had reservations, but the law passed. "It is a historic day," said ruling party leader Miguel Pichetto.

Opposition Radical senator Gerardo Morales said Argentine society has changed, stressing that the bill was aimed at guaranteeing the rights of minorities.

The law tweaks the legal code which no longer will refer to husband and wife, but rather to "the marrying parties".

Same-sex couples will have the same rights as heterosexuals in terms of adoptions, social security and family time.

Argentina became the first country in Latin America to give a green light to same-sex marriage nationwide. It followed, around the world, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Iceland.

[Source: Original Article]

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Gay Rights Campaigners Thrown Out of Federal Parliament – Equal Love

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

EQUAL LOVE – Same-sex marriage campaign

MEDIA RELEASE – 13 August 2009

Gay men called "faggots" and expelled from Parliament House during Marriage Breakfast

Two gay activists have this morning been expelled from the Great Hall in Parliament House Canberra, for challenging Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion’s stance on same-sex marriage.

The activists held placards reading "Social Inclusion means equality" at a breakfast held by religious groups to celebrate the ban on gay marriage in Australia.

Spokesperson for EQUAL LOVE, John Kloprogge said that August 13th represented a national day of shame in Australian political history.

After standing on the stage for a few minutes, religious members from the audience grabbed the men and forcefully removed them from the room.

It is understood one of the men said, "get out of here you faggots" before grabbing one activist by the neck.

"We were attending this unholy event to make a statement about the hypocrisy of the Rudd Government supporting and endorsing a ban on gay marriage"

"It is particularly galling that the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion, Senator Ursula Stephens, provided the Rudd Government’s endorsement to this gathering of anti-gay lobby groups and offered ongoing support to excluding gay and lesbian people from civil marriage."

"This gathering in our Federal Parliament represents the biggest anti-gay protest group since the marriage ban was implemented in 2004."

"It is important that gay and lesbian people stand up wherever they are and make a statement that we are entitled, as Australian citizens to equality under the law."

"The expulsion from this homophobic breakfast is just another indication of how gay and lesbian people are treated as second class citizens."

"The real marriage here is between extreme religious view and the complicity of the Rudd Labor Government in acceding to those view."

Mr Kloprogge warned the Rudd Government that fostering a closer relationship with anti-gay groups and the Christian Right would not be welcomed by mainstream voters.

"Overwhelmingly, Australians reject anti-gay discrimination. A recent galaxy poll revealed that up to 60 per cent of all Australians support same-sex marriage".

Same-sex marriages are legal in Canada, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, South Africa and several US states, but are being blocked in Australia by the Labor Party under pressure from religious groups.

John Kloprogge can be contacted on 0422 913 942 email or 0401 262 852

John will be available for media comment at Parliament House on 13th August 2009


Update: Harley Dennett has posted a number of pics about the Parliament House

John Kloprogge and John Davey on stage, with their banner:


Bill Heffernan asks John K whether he’s under the age of consent:


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More Video from the Equal Love – Same Sex Marriage Rally in Melbourne on 1 August 2009

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is some more video from YouTuber “kkrocket” showing some of the Rally in Melbourne yesterday supporting same-sex marriage.  You can see Jeff, Ethan (in pram asleep!) and I at about 1.22 mins.

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The Mercury – “Tassie gays web offshore” by Damien Brown

August 1, 2009 Leave a comment

A LESBIAN couple has travelled more than 13,000km to marry because Australian laws do not recognise same-sex marriages.

Davina and Beck Storer are furious at being forced to travel to the other side of the world for the ceremony.

The couple travelled to Canada in June where they married during a low-key service in Vancouver.

"It wasn’t the big white frock if that is what you are asking, it was just two beautiful women in beautiful dresses committing to share the rest of their lives together," Ms Storer said.

"We chose Canada solely for the reason they would legally marry us, and you don’t have to be a citizen.

"But it is sad that we have to travel to another country to do this instead of here at home with our family and friends.

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The Age – “Same-sex couples still waiting at the altar for a basic right” by Tim Wright

FRIENDS and family flocked from all over to attend Jacqui Tomlins’ and Sarah Nicholls’ wedding in Toronto six years ago. The Melbourne couple, who had been together more than a decade, tied the knot shortly after a Canadian court declared marriage equality a constitutional right.

In the brides’ assessment, it was an oddly normal affair. The caterers, the party-hire people, the jewellers who provided the rings, all treated them just as they would have a heterosexual couple. Yet this public celebration of love and commitment caused a great commotion among social conservatives in Australia.

It is, in fact, the precise genesis of our nation’s ban on same-sex marriage, whose fifth anniversary the religious right will celebrate next month. So affronted were our political leaders by what the Canadian authorities had sanctioned, and so eager were they to preserve the moral order in Australia, that they hastily enacted this hateful law. Its passage was of such high priority that even anti-terror legislation before the Parliament was shoved to the side.

Greens leader Bob Brown, himself in a gay relationship, described it as an ugly manifestation of the Howard government’s "straight Australia policy" — a policy endorsed heartily by the Labor opposition. But five years on, the ALP appears much less comfortable with its traditionalist stance on marriage (even if the Prime Minister is avowedly wedded to it).

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