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Townsville Bulletin – "Gay couples `better prepared for parenthood’" by Craig Baxter

August 8, 2000 Leave a comment

SAME sex couples put more thought into becoming parents than some “normal” couples and should not be denied access to IVF treatment, a Townsville gay woman says.

Jennifer Jefferies, owner of The Perfect Potion aromatherapy shop in Flinders Mall, says physiological constraints and society’s prejudices meant same sex couples had to prepare thoroughly for parenthood.

“There are no accidents or surprise (pregnancies),” Ms Jefferies said. “We have to plan it all.

“And (because) we know our children might grow up in a bigoted area, we take it very seriously.”

Ms Jefferies and her partner do not have children, but would consider it in the future.

She said the opposition of the Prime Minister and the Member for Herbert Peter Lindsay to IVF access for same sex couples was “really disappointing”.

She said the views of Mr Howard and Mr Lindsay were discriminatory.

“It’s everyone’s individual right to make a choice and have access,” she said.

“I’m disappointed that it’s the year 2000 and access is still denied.”

Last week John Howard moved to override the decision of a Victorian court allowing a single woman to undergo IVF treatment.

Mr Lindsay supported Mr Howard’s stance, saying children needed a mother and a father.

But Ms Jefferies said a mum and dad did not guarantee a happy family.