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Jason Tuazon-McCheyne, who is one of the best known Surro-Dads in Australia, has just had his paper “Two Dads: Gay Male Parenting and its Politicisation — A Cooperative Inquiry Action Research Study” published in the  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy (ANZJFT).  The abstract follows and a copy of the paper is attached.  This is a very interesting read and represents one of the very few pieces of academic studies done in Australia in to gay male parents (via surrogacy).  Well done Jason, I know what an amazing amount of work went into this paper.

Australian gay men have only recently become parents through surrogacy arrangements. They have had to overcome a discriminatory legal, social, political, cultural and financial environment. A cooperative inquiry action research group was formed, with seven two-father families conceived via surrogacy, to explore their journey to parenthood and their consequent politicisation as gay fathers. This article reveals how that experience of the cooperative inquiry process strengthened their resolve to be intentionally ‘out’ in their communities to overcome discriminatory and conservative social attitudes. They embraced the political reality of their parenting and were stimulated to create improved support structures for themselves and future parents. This transformed the legal, social, political and cultural environment for their families.

[SourceTwo Dads: Gay Male Parenting and its Politicisation — A Cooperative Inquiry Action Research Study – By Jason Tuazon-McCheyne]

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