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Gay Rights Campaigners Thrown Out of Federal Parliament – Equal Love

EQUAL LOVE – Same-sex marriage campaign

MEDIA RELEASE – 13 August 2009

Gay men called "faggots" and expelled from Parliament House during Marriage Breakfast

Two gay activists have this morning been expelled from the Great Hall in Parliament House Canberra, for challenging Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion’s stance on same-sex marriage.

The activists held placards reading "Social Inclusion means equality" at a breakfast held by religious groups to celebrate the ban on gay marriage in Australia.

Spokesperson for EQUAL LOVE, John Kloprogge said that August 13th represented a national day of shame in Australian political history.

After standing on the stage for a few minutes, religious members from the audience grabbed the men and forcefully removed them from the room.

It is understood one of the men said, "get out of here you faggots" before grabbing one activist by the neck.

"We were attending this unholy event to make a statement about the hypocrisy of the Rudd Government supporting and endorsing a ban on gay marriage"

"It is particularly galling that the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion, Senator Ursula Stephens, provided the Rudd Government’s endorsement to this gathering of anti-gay lobby groups and offered ongoing support to excluding gay and lesbian people from civil marriage."

"This gathering in our Federal Parliament represents the biggest anti-gay protest group since the marriage ban was implemented in 2004."

"It is important that gay and lesbian people stand up wherever they are and make a statement that we are entitled, as Australian citizens to equality under the law."

"The expulsion from this homophobic breakfast is just another indication of how gay and lesbian people are treated as second class citizens."

"The real marriage here is between extreme religious view and the complicity of the Rudd Labor Government in acceding to those view."

Mr Kloprogge warned the Rudd Government that fostering a closer relationship with anti-gay groups and the Christian Right would not be welcomed by mainstream voters.

"Overwhelmingly, Australians reject anti-gay discrimination. A recent galaxy poll revealed that up to 60 per cent of all Australians support same-sex marriage".

Same-sex marriages are legal in Canada, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, South Africa and several US states, but are being blocked in Australia by the Labor Party under pressure from religious groups.

John Kloprogge can be contacted on 0422 913 942 email act@equallove.info or 0401 262 852

John will be available for media comment at Parliament House on 13th August 2009


Update: Harley Dennett has posted a number of pics about the Parliament House

John Kloprogge and John Davey on stage, with their banner:


Bill Heffernan asks John K whether he’s under the age of consent:


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