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Gay Dads Victoria – Discussion: Making decisions about childcare, kinder and school – 8 September 2009

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gdv-meeting What: Gay Dads Victoria – Discussion: Making decisions about childcare, kinder and school

When: 8 September 2009 – 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Where: Drummond Street Relationship Centre 195 Drummond St Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia

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Queensland Review of the legal status of children being cared for by same-sex parents – Paper Published, Responses due 18 September 2009

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Review of the legal status of children being cared for by same-sex parents – August 2009


This is the paper from the Queensland Government on Surrogacy, and IVF issues and Same Sex parents, published yesterday.

Comments on the proposed changes to the parentage presumptions for same-sex
parents can be made before 18 September 2009:

• By email to:; or
• By writing to : Director, Strategic Policy, Department of Justice and

Attorney-General, GPO Box 149, Brisbane QLD 4001

This document is also available on the Department of Justice and Attorney-General
community consultation website:

[Link: Original Document]

Categories: Uncategorized – “Christians to fight gay surrogacy laws” by AAP

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Well….they would…wouldn’t they! 

QUEENSLAND Labor MPs will be lobbied to vote down new laws allowing same-sex surrogacy arrangements.

Premier Anna Bligh has released a model for legal surrogacy in Queensland which is the only Australian state where altruistic surrogacy – where no money changes hands – is still illegal.

MPs will have a conscience vote on the laws, expected to go to parliament before the end of the year after public consultation.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Peter Earle said same-sex surrogacy arrangements would deprive children of the complementary love and care of both a mother and a father.

Mr Earle said the Liberal National Party had given a commitment during the March state election campaign to oppose the laws.

"In the interests of children, we urge them to stick by these commitments, and we urge Labor … politicians to look to their consciences and follow suit," Mr Earle said in a statement.

"Children are not commodities and their interests should always come before the desires of adults."

But the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities said the announcement was welcome.

"We congratulate the government on bringing Queensland laws up to date with the rest of Australia," association general manager Paul Martin said.

"These changes, if implemented, will bring legal certainty to children of same-sex couples, allowing access to a share of a person’s estate or superannuation upon the death of a parent and providing both parents with the power to consent to medical treatment of the child."

But Mr Martin said the government needed to comprehensively overhaul the law, including civil partnerships and adoption for same-sex couples.

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The Age – “Transsexuals win appeal against sex ruling” by AAP

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Two West Australian female-to-male transsexuals have won the right to be considered men without having to undergo surgery on their reproductive organs.

The transsexuals won an appeal in the State Administrative Tribunal against the refusal of the WA Gender Reassignment Board to issue them with certificates recognising "the reassignment of their gender".

The board had found against them because they had female reproductive systems, which it said was inconsistent with being male.

But the administrative tribunal said while neither had undergone any surgery to alter their ovaries, uterus or vaginas, or had a penis constructed, both were infertile and had "presented as, and appeared to be, males".

"Both applicants had undergone bilateral mastectomies and testosterone treatment as a result of which each had undergone extensive physical changes consistent with being male," the tribunal said in its finding.

" … the tribunal accepted the evidence of each applicant that he intended to continue testosterone treatment for the rest of his life.

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ABC Online – “Tas MPs consider equal rights for lesbian parents”

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Tasmanian Attorney-General Lara Giddings

The Tasmanian Attorney-General is moving to officially recognise same-sex parents.

Victoria passed laws late last year allowing IVF babies to have two legally recognised mothers and the Tasmanian Government had a similar move blocked in the Upper House six years ago.

Tasmania’s Gay and Lesbian rights group says joint motherhood is now recognised in most states and territories and Tasmania should do the same.

The Attorney-General Lara Giddings has told State Parliament the change would remove discrimination and protect children in same-sex relationships.

"As the law stands the birth-mother is registered as the mother and the partner has no rights at law" said Ms Giddings.

"This bill will rectify that situation and put a same-sex partner in the same position as a male partner who has agreed to their partner becoming pregnant through ART."

The Liberals have been granted a conscience vote.

The Shadow Attorney-General Michael Hodgman said the bill is misguided.

"Here you have a situation where the two parents are of the same gender and with respect that is against the law of nature and legally an impossibility to me," said Mr Hodgman.

The Liberals’ Rene Hidding and Brett Whiteley will also oppose the bill.

Mr Hidding said it is a corruption of the meaning of parenthood.


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Courier Mail – “Same sex couples to be allowed to have surrogate children” by Steven Wardill

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SAME sex couples in Queensland will be allowed to become parents through altruistic surrogacy, Premier Anna Bligh has told parliament.

Ms Bligh this morning announced her government would legalise altruistic surrogacy for all Queenslanders, including same sex couples.

Queensland is one of the few jurisdictions where altrusitic surrogacy – where no money changes hands – remains illegal.

Miss Bligh told parliament the new laws would ensure children born through surrogacy would have the same rights as every child.

“We will do this because each and every Queenslander who wants to be a parent should be allowed the opportunity to do so,” Ms Bligh said.
“Anyone who is unable to conceive a baby but who wants to become a parent should know the joy of bringing a child into the world, providing them with life lessons, shaping their future and guiding them into adulthood.”

"At the end of the day, we want every child to be raised in a nurturing environment," she said.

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ABC Online – “Qld to include same-sex couples in surrogacy law changes” by Chris O’Brien

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Everyone ... should be afforded the privileges of parenthood: Bligh

Everyone … should be afforded the privileges of parenthood: Bligh (Reuters: Robert Galbraith)

The Queensland Government says same-sex couples will be included in changes to the state’s surrogacy laws.

Premier Anna Bligh has previously announced that altruistic surrogacy will be decriminalised, although commercial surrogacy will remain illegal.

Ms Bligh has told Parliament the new laws will be in place by the end of the year.

"I can advise the House that same-sex parents will be included among those who will be affected by the decriminalisation of surrogacy, because everyone – regardless of their sexual status or their gender – should be afforded the privileges of parenthood," she said.

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