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Australian Marriage Equality – Same Sex Marriage Advocates Reject Civil Unions


Media Statement
Friday July 31st 2009



Advocates for same-sex marriage have rejected moves towards a national civil union scheme at this weekend’s ALP national Conference.

Responding to reports that Labor’s gay caucus, Rainbow Labor, may settle for the watered down national civil union scheme because of opposition to same-sex marriage from Kevin Rudd, spokesperson for Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich, said civil unions do not provide the rights or respect that come with marriage.

"There’s no room to negotiate on equality, our rights are not an enterprise bargaining agreement", Mr Greenwich said.

"Overseas studies have found civil union schemes do not fulfill their promise of providing same-sex couples with equal entitlements or recognition, and on this basis we oppose such a scheme."

"With 60% of Australians behind us, large public demonstrations expected for tomorrow, and ever more nations supporting marriage equality, we are happy to hold out for full equality."
Mr Greenwich condemned those ALP delegates who are attempting to stifle debate on same-sex marriage.

"With reports in today’s press that even Albania is moving forward on same-sex marriage, it is deeply embarrassing for many Australians that the ALP National Conference is seeking to avoid this discussion simply to appease Kevin Rudd and the minority of Australians he represents on this issue."

For a copy of a recent Galaxy poll showing 60% of Australians support marriage equality visit www.australianmarriageequality.com

For details of tomorrow’s National Day of Action on marriage equality visit www.caah.org.au/nda

For more information contact Alex Greenwich on 0421 316 335 or Rodney Croome on 0409 010 668

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