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SX – “ACT Approves Gay Prison Conjugal Visits”by Peter Hackney

Online GLBTI News SX has reported that ACT will now allow conjugal visits to same sex couples, making it only the second state behind Victoria to allow such visits.  Clearly, equality is still lagging behind in many states.

The ACT has followed Victoria’s lead and become the second jurisdiction in Australia to allow conjugal visits for prisoners, including gay and lesbian inmates.

ACT Corrective Services confirmed this week to SX that the new Corrections Management (Private Family Visits) Policy 2009, made under the Corrections Management Act 2007, would apply to gay and lesbian prisoners as well as heterosexual inmates in the Territory’s only prison, the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) at Hume.

“It applies to both same-sex and opposite sex couples,” a spokesperson told SX. “Corrective services makes no distinction between the two.”

The policy, which comes with strict conditions, allows a partner who lived with the prisoner for six months prior to incarceration to have “intimate time” with them once every two months in “domestic surroundings”, where they are provided with condoms and enjoy “reduced supervision”.

The prisoner must change the bed linen after the visit, according to the policy.
The visits are allowed only allowed for low and medium security prisoners with “a consistent record of good conduct at the AMC, usually over a minimum period of three months”.

Conjugal visits are a means of encouraging good behaviour and rehabilitation, said ACT Corrective Service Executive Director, James Ryan: “The active maintenance of family relationships, including intimate relationships, during imprisonment has been shown to improve the overall wellbeing of prisoners and supports their reintegration upon release.”

[Link: Original Article]

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