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Rainbow Families Inclusive Project – Assisting Early Childhood Services become inclusive of Rainbow Families

The Rainbow Families Council (in Victoria) has just published their first newsletter for 2009.  One of the matters in the newsletter is the funding that they have received from a local council relating to inclusiveness of “rainbow families”. A great initiative.  I am reproducing the announcement below.

The Rainbow Families Council received funding from the City of Darebin Community Grants round 2008/2009 to develop a new resource to assist early childcare services (i.e.Maternal & Child Health, Kindergartens, Child Care Centres) become more inclusive of same sex parented families.

We are seeking your ideas, personal stories and experiences to assist us in developing this new resource. The new resource may include an online booklet, posters, stickers; fact sheets… the ideas are endless.

If you would like to share your ideas about how to assist these services become more inclusive or share your personal experience of early childhood services being inclusive or not being inclusive we would love you to fill in our online survey click  on this link.

Contributions will be accepted until the end of June.

The Rainbow Families Council hopes to finalise the new resource which will include information about the use of inclusive language and sample inclusive policies by the end of 2009.

A similar booklet developed in 2002 by the parents at the Fairfield Playgroup and the Darebin Community Health Centre called We’re Here ….a resource for child care worker is currently out or print but you can still get an online copy from the Rainbow Families Council website at www.rainbowfamilies.org.au

If you would like more information please e-mail Sam @info@rainbowfamilies.org.au

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