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Steve Raw and Lee Folland (Surro Dads Aussie/Finnish in Beijing)

“I have two Dads. They wash my clothes, they make me breakfast. They are also my Mums. If people ask me why I have two Dads, I just shrug These are the words of a new childrens song from Holland. Children are a timeless subject and a challenge that can take over your entire life. They laugh and cry, and piss and crap just like us, except they cant control it. They can rob us of the time to have a drink, and even stop us caring about our appearances. They can make us cry, and make us painfully aware that were already over the hill. But none of this stops even the most youthful and flamboyant of gays longing for a child. There are many ways to do it: have one yourself, have someone else have one for you, adopt one, have one for someone else, get one at a sperm bank, ask a friend to lend a hand, and so on gays can even turn having a kid into a variety show. But ultimately everyone seems happy for a little karmic retribution for their wild days. QAFBeijing has invited two gay couples, one who want to have a child, and another who are preparing for imminent fatherhood, onto the show. All comrades considering children listen well, dont be too hasty. Dont make any decisions until youve seen this episode”.
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    February 27, 2009 at 10:00 am
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