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Same Same – The 25 Most Influential Gays and Lesbians for 2008

The 25 Most Influential Gay & Lesbian Australians 2008, according to SameSame.com.au:

Ken Campagnolo: Won high-profile wrongful dismissal case at the Victorian anti-discrimination board after losing his job as a firefighter.

Matthew Mitcham: Diving gold-medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Fairfax Sport Performer of the Year

Michael Kirby: High Court of Australia judge.

Paul Martin: Queensland psychologist.

Sam Sparro: Musician, nominated for a Grammy and five ARIAs.

Tony Sheldon: Performer, played the key role of Bernadette in Priscilla: The Musical.

Andrew Purchas: Founder of the Sydney Convicts Rugby team.

Bill Bowtell: HIV/AIDS expert and director of the HIV/AIDS Project at the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

Bob Brown: Tasmanian senator and leader of the Greens.

Brett Sheehy: Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Arts Festival

David Marr: Herald journalist and author.

Jem Masters: Driving force behind Mardi Gras Medical, a volunteer team assisting the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

John Challis: Campaigner for equality in Australian superannuation law.

Penny Sharpe: NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Mining and Energy.

Penny Wong: Federal Minister for Climate Change and Water.

Portia de Rossi: Actress and de facto partner of US comedian Ellen Degeneres.

Ruby Rose: MTV host.

Siri May: Co-founder of NSW AIDS Council’s young women’s project.

Narelda Jacobs: First Aboriginal and openly gay newsreader in Western Australia.

Meredith Turnbull: Director of activist group Get Up!

Melinda Edwards: Alice Springs policewoman.

Giz Watson: Western Australian Greens MP.

Fran Kelly: Host of ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program.

Felicity Marlowe: Spokeswoman for the Victorian Rainbow Families Council.

Christine Manfield: Owner of Sydney restaurant Universal and cookbook author.

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