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MCV – "Community Spotlight – Parenthood: Doug’s Story"

In Sepember 2005, my partner Brett and I started discussing the possibility of having a family through surrogacy.  We’d mentioned it in conversation from time to time but never really looked at it closely, until one day over lunch we decided to try and find out how it was done.  For us, what followed was weeks of discussion, soul searching, agaonising but amazingly, not one argument.  the discussion went from “Why not have ids? We would eb great Dads? We can do it.  You only live once”.

Then came: “This is ridiculous. Are we nuts? Our life will be over.  We can’t get to dinner on time let alone raise children.”  The pro-family argument won out, and on August 21, 2005 we go the ball rolling (not to mention the bank account reducing!).

After initially being matched with a surrogate (who we later decided against for various reasons) we set about searching for an Egg Donor.  Just imagine trying to choose who will be the biological ‘other half’ of your child/children – very difficult.  After obtaining access to three separate websites loaded with a plethora of prospective donors, we chose our donor.  We went for a donor who had donated previously, as we wanted to reduce the risk of gettin ‘poor quality eggs’ which may result in limited or poor quality embryos.   After a few false starts with surrogates we were sent a profile on March 16, 2006 of our surrogate Anna and her family in Houston, Texas.  After a phone call match we decided that were were happy with Anna and her family the they with us.

Then followed a very emotional, stressful, exciting and exhausting time.

At last, out twins, Daniel and Leah were born on January 24, 2007.  We are enjoying being parents very much and wonder what we did with our life before….we certainly had more sleep.  I know that!  Good luck to all who go down the surrogacy path.  yes – it is worth it.

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